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"Queen of Magic" is an award winning feature-length screenplay that has been floating about Hollywood circles for the last six years or so. 

This short film, a small slice of the story, will serve as a proof-of-concept for the eventual feature. While we can't promise a timeline, we know that this film is destined for a wide audience. We have yet to see a film like this in our lifetime!

Our goal is to create a short film that will prove once and for all that audiences want to see a female-led story in the world of practical magic.

If you are a studio, production company, or producer interested in the feature-length screenplay, please contact Gina Rodriguez at


FINALIST - Bigfoot Script Challenge - 2021 (1).png
Quarter-Finalist - Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest - 2021.png
SEMI-FINALIST - Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition - 2020.png
Winner - Moondance International Film Festival - 2020.png
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